DET Support Service

During the DET projector roll out Sanyo Oceania was selected as one of the preferred suppliers of education projectors. C&C management Solutions Pty Ltd now provides the same services as where implemented in the original DET projector roll out.
A summary of the ongoing services are:

DET Projector Service1. Full Repair and maintenance programme. Existing projectors.
We provide a maintenance programme where we pick up the projector, clean, test and refocus and reinstall. We start by picking up 2 units, return the next day and pick up another 2 and return the next day and so on until the programme is completed. Cost of this is 150.00 ex gst per unit. As the units do accumulate some internal dust and focus alignment does deteriorate over time this programme will ensure the units are not exposed to conditions that will eventually lead to the unit prematurely failing. If any units require out of warranty repair we will provide a cost estimate for you determine if you want to proceed with the repair. We provide a full report on the work performed.

DET Maintenance2. Refurbished replacement projector.
We provide same model refurbished units at $600.00 ex gst that come with 12 months warranty or $700.00 ex gst with 24 months warranty. This option will allow you to maintain the current mounting brackets, connectivity etc and will be a much cheaper option V’s purchasing new equipment. We can also source and install new equipment if preferred.

 DET Lamps and Spare Parts3. Lamps, accessories (replacement remotes etc) and all spare parts
We provide same day delivery and install of all brand lamps and accessories. (Sydney metro only and 2-3 days delivery for other locations)

About Us.
C&C Management Solutions Pty Ltd is the only authorised provider of original Sanyo parts and accessories and our team has over 60 years combined experience in the electronics field and now specialises in the projector support space (particularly education).